Home Gadgets Found Under Our Christmas Trees in 2015

Smart home products are constantly changing our standards and expectations for how we live in our houses. Here are some tech gadgets found underneath Christmas trees on Christmas morning in and around Hingham, MA:

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1. Coffee Drinkers
Wake up in the morning and turn on your home brew machine from your smartphone. You can even control it from across the country. If your water level is low, an app can tell you, and if you are ready for a second cup, but want a different strength, make all of these choices form your phone.


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2. Climate Control Extended to Life Control
The now famous Nest has revolutionized how we manage our energy consumption, keep our homes safe from fire, and monitor activity with built in web cams within the wall-mounted thermostats. Smartphone apps can operate the Nest’s full spectrum of options. Nest’s newest cameras feature 1080P streaming, a 130-degree wide-angle lens, zoom ability, and night vision, and activity alerts. The feature called Nest Aware, now uses advanced algorithms with facial recognition and limits your false alarms. you also have the option to pay for around the clock recording and saving a ten day long video history.



Hingham Home Security

3. Knock Knock Who’s There?
Video doorbells from multiple brands give you a live video feed with low-light vision features, motion detection, on-demand video and two-way audio so you can talk to the person at your door. If you want to mute the doorbell you can do that too.



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4. Who Goes There?
Along the same lines as a video doorbell, a technology-loaded security camera called Netatmo Welcome use facial recognition to alert you when certain individuals arrive home. You can receive alerts when, for example, your children arrive home. Some come with tags that can be applied on windows and detect motion.



Hingham Plants

5. Brown Thumb
The Parrot Pot is a Bluetooth-connected device that can automatically keep your plants watered.  Load up the reservoir and provide moisture for your house plants for three months. It takes measurements for light, moisture and the amount of fertilizer.



Smart Tea in Hingham

6. Tea with an “i”
Smarter’s iKettle uses Wi-Fi with your device to deliver tea brewing information like brewing temperature, readiness and reminders for when it needs a refill.



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7. More Than a Plug
The iDevices Switch is the first of its kind and is a plug that fully integrates with Apple’s HomeKit. Using an app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can control, and schedule a full range of climate devices throughout your home. You can customize the function settings for audio receivers, lamps, fans and humidifiers using the small power plug.



Hingham Houses and lighting

8. The Light Bulb That Knows You
Set up individual light bulbs to make adjustments to your lighting needs with Stack’s Light technology. Using motion detectors and sensors, the bulbs adjust to the day’s natural light cycle using different light spectrums, and knows when someone is in the room, and when someone leaves the room. Light also has a memory capacity making light switches a thing of the past.



Dental care in Hingham

9. Dentist on Your Shoulder
Oral-B integrated Bluetooth to its SmartSeries 7000  toothbrush and insists that you brush your teeth the way your dentist wants you to. An app on your phone instructs you where on your mouth to brush and how much pressure to use, all the while timing your efforts.



Amazon Echo as a gift

10. Tech Hub Control
The Echo, made by Amazon, is a connection device for all things tech. Using Bluetooth connectivity, a rather mediocre speaker, and intelligent technology, it is a way to control all of your devices from one place.



Using Smart Climate in Hingham

11. Vent the Way You Want
Retrofit your boring, bland air vents with Keen’s Home Smart Vents  to enjoy individualized heating or cooling in each room. The vents act independently for each room and are controlled through your phone. This way, those rooms not in use (on average, more than half the space in your home) are shut down until you wake them up.



Best Audio option for Hingham house

12. The $40,000 Sound
This level of audio precision can only be made by Bang & Olufsen. The intelligent speaker system called BeoLab90, weighs 300 pounds and ramps up with 8,200 watts of power. It covers your world with a 360-degree layout and adjusts the impeccable sound experience according to the room size, furniture placements and listening locations. It also takes into account any reflective noise and adjusts accordingly.

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